10 Top Games for September

Posted by Dan Mousavi On September - 7 - 2010

We hope you had a nice summer, but now it’s time to get back to the important things in life: GAMES!
Our List last month was so popular that we decided to make it a regular event.
Once again we present you our Top 5 for free and paid games, this time we only picked games that where launched between the 1st and 31th of August 2010.
As you may have noticed, we are still a few men short on the review side, so most of these games haven’t even been mentioned here yet, if you’d like to support Androidpimps and write reviews for us, please contact us.

    Top 5 Free Games

Droplets 2.0

Pretty much the same game as Sweep, but with a nice nature theme.

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Dante: The Inferno
A nice puzzle game set against the backdrop of hell. The story is based on the famous Divine Comedy which is known to most gamers through the action game Dante’s Inferno by EA, that has nothing to do with this adaptation.

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Guns ‘n Glory
A great adaptation of the tower defense genre set against a western backdrop.

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Glyder 2
A 3d Flying game, where your goal is to collect glowing orbs

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Lock ‘n Roll
check out our review for further information

Bonus: Tiki Towers
Although this game was not released in August, the publisher Game House is offering it for free at the moment, so this paid game is probably the best free game you can get, as long as it is available here.

Top 5 Paid Apps
A side-scrolling Shoot ‘em up game in the style of R-Type

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Castle Warriors
A 3D RTS game, a trailer is available here

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check out our review for further information

check out our review for further information

Sinister Planet
A 360 degree shooter in the style of Geometry Wars.

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