20 Top free games for March 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 8 - 2011

February was a short but sweet month for Android gamers, a lot of new hardware was introduced and the first Tegra devices hit the market.
We got a glimpse at the future of android gaming at the mobile world congress and can’t wait for the huge increase in quality that will come with the new handsets and tablets this year.
The free games section saw some great releases in the past month and a lot of them still have low download numbers and need a little word of mouth promotion, so without further ado, here are the best free games that we spotted this month, the list with the best paid games will follow soon.
A cute puzzle game with 4 apocalyptic pigs in a nice comic look

Battle Ludo
A variation of the famous Ludo/Mensch ärgere dich nicht/Parcheesy game

Breakout Kings
Trace a line to catch criminals, a short highscore game

A nice jump and run with good graphics. Warning, needs a fast phone, a Tegra Processor is recommended.

Demon Hunter
A nice action rpg in the goth style of Castlevania

Dog Frisbee
A Paper Toss clone with Dogs and Frisbees

The first game that launched for free from Orangepixel, a nice puzzle jump and run

Mystery – Gallery Homicide
A nice puzzle adventure game where you solve a murder in a Clue like setup

Mystic JamJam
A explosive Tetris clone where you can detonate your blocks and collect bouncing power ups

Ninja Dash
Fall with a ninja on plattforms, a reversed climbing game

Noah Box
A cute puzzle game where you must pair up all animals

A Pixelshooter in the style of Geometry Wars

Pinball Deluxe
A very nice Pinball game, the best free one yet

Poker Swap
A refreshing take on Poker, swap cards around and score good hands horizontal and vertical

Stupid Zombies
A physics puzzler with zombies

Super Drill Panic FREE
The first version of this reversed climbing game is now free, while the full version was updated with additional content

Thunder Bear
A Pang clone with a bear that shoots lightning

Words with Friends
Zynga brings the popular Scrabble Clone from Facebook to Android with cross plattform multiplayer

Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2011
A ski jumping game made with Unity

Air Attack HD Lite
This is more an extensive demo to an yet unreleased game, but since the size of the demo is long enough and because there is no full version yet(which will come later this month) I added it to the free List

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