20 Top paid games for March 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 14 - 2011

This month we have some very special treats in our games list, but they come with a price, you need a Tegra 2 device to play them. The first games for these devices are released into the android market and easily take the crown for the best looking games on Android yet. Since we don’t have a Tegra 2 device available yet in europe, we have to base our gameplay experience on the short playtime we had with these games at MWC. But there were also lots of other great releases with a overwhelming amount of new puzzle games and concepts, that are worth checking out. By the way, with this list we recommended you exactly 200 games since we started with these monthly roundups in August, if you missed some, they are all linked at the bottom of this article.

The first part of this shoot ‘em up was free, now the second part of Air Attack is available. Beware, there are two paid versions, one for 1,19 UK£ that has 5 additional levels (Part 2) for Samsung devices and other devices that can’t handle more than 30 MB, the other one for 1,79 UK£ has both parts combined, which makes things easier, since you keep your upgrades to your ship.

Animals on Board
A fun puzzle game where you flick animals to staple them on top of each other on the ark, when two of the same animals pair up, a lot of baby animals are raining down and if you pair up animals that eat each other, well I guess you already know what will happen.

Bejeweled 2
EA is bringing the classic puzzle game over to Android

Brain Cube
Pretty much the same game as Cubic Man with nicer graphics and some optimizations(you can’t fall of the sides for example)

Chalk Ball
Draw lines with chalk and help a ball bounce to a star

Dragon of the Three Kingdoms
a very pixelated, but good 2D sidescrolling beat ‘em up like Dragon Axe or Double Dragon with everything you expect from such a game, from extra weapons to screen filling special moves to mounted fights:

Flight Contol
The original Flight management game has finally landed on Android, albeit a little late to the game, it still is one of the best flight managers out there

Golf Battle 3D
A cross-plattform multiplayer golf game for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows7 and Samsung Bada

Humans vs. Aliens
A Plants vs. zombies clone with Openfeint support

Let’s create! Pottery
For more information, please read our review of the game

Monster Madness
For Tegra 2 devices only. For more information, please read our preview of the game:

Playman Winter Games
Playman is back with a new set of olympic minigames

Qbism HD
The popular iOS puzzle game is finally available for Android, slide cubes around to fill a outlined form:

Samurai II
For Tegra 2 devices only. The premium Unity title has finally landed on Android with a beefed up version for the new Tegra devices. For more information please read our preview

Mortal Skies
A WWII shoot ‘em up where you level your plane

Sword Requiem
A round based strategy RPG like Fire Emblem (which is like advance wars with rpg elements). Don’t worry about the screenshot, the game is fully translated in english

Vendetta Online
For Tegra 2 devices only. A massive multiplayer first person space flight game, see our preview for more information

Vertigo Towers
A 3D physics puzzle game where you stack blocks

a 2D puzzle game with a cute look, where you destroy the blocks you are walking on. Switch between your characters to collect all stars

Weed Farmer
A farming game where you grow your own weed

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