25 Top Free Games for February 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On February - 9 - 2011

Here is another Top List of the best free games that are new on the Android market in the last two months. A lot has happened in the free game space, more and more professional companies are releasing their full games with ads on the market. Handygames announced that they plan to release 40 free games this year, Digital Chocolate and Glu are coming with freemium games and more and more full fledged 3D titles emerge that are played by millions and don’t cost a dime. And on top of that we have rereleases from formerly paid games, that just became free.
So enjoy these 25 games, which are the cream of the crop in our opinion and if we have missed any, please let us know in the comments.

3D Bio Ball
A free 3D Roll-a-ball game with 109 Levels

Bakery Story
A free sim where you manage a bakery

Can Knockdown
A very nice 3D throwing game, smash as much cans with a limited number of balls

Crazy Snowboard
A 3d snowboard game build with Unity

Fantasy Jump
A jumping/climbing game with a nice look

Gun Bros
Glu’s freemium top-down shooter game is still in beta, but will always stay free (with in-app purchases down the line)

Infernus Verse 1
I hated this game initially, because the graphics aren’t really good and it called itself the most beautiful 3D game on Android, but since it is now free, I can now recommend it as a nice little room escape game

Kung Pow
A Kung-Fu Master inspired beat ‘em up

Mega Jump
The original monster jump game is now available on Android

Mini Army Arcade
The arcade mode of Mini Army is now completely free, check out the review of the full game for more information

Millionaire City
Digital Chocolate’s freemium City Sim is now available for Android

Backflip studios brought another nice free game to us, run and jump up the side of a building

Ninja Rush
A running game with a ninja and lots of features

Pandas Vs. Ninjas Chinese New Year
A free holiday themed version from Pandas vs. Ninjas

Penguin Skiing
a 3d skiing game with penguins

A nice shooter from Orangepixel, now free with ads

Rocket Bunnies
Boost your bunny from planet to planet and get pulled in by gravity

Restaurant Story
Design your restaurant, ???, Profit

Super Dynamite Fishing
A very nice comic fishing game, shoot ducks and blow up Terminator Fish

Tank Hero
Steer your tank through a battlefield and blow up your enemies

Tiki Golf 3D
Crazy 3D Minigolf with Tiki people

Townsmen 6
The 6th part of the populare mobile settlers game is now available for free with ads

a new simple Boogle variant

X Construction
A real bridge builder game for Android, the lite version is pretty extensive and counts as a free version in my book

Zynga Poker
The popular Facebook Poker game is now also available for Android with Facebook connect

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