25 Top Paid Games for February 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On February - 7 - 2011

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Top List.
The year started strong for Android with a lot of great games that have come out in the last month, from the long awaited Spectral Souls to surprise releases like Crystal Defenders, this month was a decent beginning for the year, where Android gaming will mature and become a fully recognized gaming plattform.
We skipped the January List since we already had some recommendations out for Christmas, so we also included some games from December.
We also kicked the QR Codes in favor of a Link to the new Android Market website, you can now also click the links when you are on a device that is not android to get to the offical market page.

Here are the 25 best paid games that we saw in the last 2 months, the 25 best free games will follow on Wednesday.

3 Kingdoms TD
A tower defense game with a Hip Hop Twist, very addictive:

Crystal Defenders
Two tower defense games in one package from Square Enix:

Drift Mania Championship
A drifting game where precision is key

Dungeon Defenders
The first game that uses the Unreal 3 engine. Beware, needs a powerful handset, Dual core phones are recommended:

Finger Physics
A nice physics puzzler with over 200 levels

Game Dev Story
Probably the most addicting Android game available at the moment. Build a game company and manage it:

Hungry Shark Part 2
The follow up to the munchfest, eat an entire ecosystem for points:

Ink Ball
A physics puzzler, where you need to get the balls to the pot

Jet car stunts
A racing game with the focus on crazy jumps:

Leap Sheep
The perfect game before going to bed, jump with Sheep over the fence and do tricks in the air

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom
A simulation, where you manage your fantasy kingdom

Mana Chronicles
A hack’n slash game that lacks a little in resolution, but is otherwise pretty fun

MiniSquadron Special Edition
New Weapons, levels and planes made an already great flight game even better:

My Pocket Plane
Land a plane and destroy objects in the way

PES 2011
Probably the best football game on the market at the moment

Robo 3: Gears of Love
A cute puzzle game

A puzzle adventure in negative space

Spectral Souls
The biggest Android game on the market yet, please read our review for more information

Super Drill Panic
A new game from Orangepixel, climb down before the driller or stone kills you

Tiki Towers 2
The follow-up to the popular monkey bridge builder game

A nice tile based puzzle game with 100 levels, the demo gives you 10

Touch Mix
An android exclusive music rhythm game from Gamevil

TurboFly 3D
A futuristic speed racing game

the original Worms published by EA. Warning, EA has two profiles at the moment in the market, I hope the linked one above is the right one:

Zenonia 2
The second installment of the most popular Android RPG is finally here:

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