The 25 Best Paid Games for July 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 12 - 2011

Hi everyone,
here are the best 25 paid games from the last month. I’m sorry that this list is a little late, I’m just too addicted to Google+ at the moment, but I promise that I’ll soon start translating some of the reviews that are in the pipeline. There were somehow fewer quality games this month then in the last, I think this is also the first time since it’s release, that I didn’t have a Unity game to recommend in the paid list. I guess it’s the summer phase, we’ll probably get drowned in quality games this autumn. As always, if we missed any good games, let me know in the comments or on Google+.

A incredible machine like game

ATV Madness
A 3D Quad racing game

The popular board game is now available for Android

Another very popular board game finally has found it’s way to Android

Cut the Rope
The popular iPhone game is now also available ad-free on the Android market, the free version is still GetJar exclusive

Denki Blocks Deluxe
Slide sticky blocks around a board and join the same colours together to solve puzzles

Draw Slasher
Slash through Pirate Monkey Zombies in this Dishwasher clone

Döner Manager
Manage a Fast Food stand and become the Döner Kingpin

Galaxy on Fire 2
There’s now a version for all non tegra devices, the Tegra version is here.

Grand Prix Story
A new managment game by Kairosoft, they are always worth playing. This one also has landscape support

Groovy Gears
A puzzle game where you align gears

Hamster: Attack!
A physics game puzzler with a hamster

Herman the Hermit
A jumping game from Capcom

Hungry Shark Part 3
The third part of the popular All-you-can-eat shark sim is now available

Kona’s Crate
Fly a crate as fast as you can through a parcour

Myth Defense
Another tower defense game, but it has nice graphics

Nova 2 HD
Gameloft unleashed the second part of this popular Halo clone on the market

Order & Chaos
Gameloft has now a Android version of this great World of Warcraft Clone

Ozzy’s Odyssey
A plattformer where you manipulate gravity

A Bejeweled-like puzzler, combine as many of the same animals as possible

Samurai II: Vengeance
This bloody hack’n slash fest is now available for all Android devices

Play as the Scream Killer and murder your way to victory

Nice graphics, but be warned of the bad controls, this is just eye candy

Wood Bridges
Yay, another Bridge builder clone, they are always fun to play

Konami brings us a port of the Arcade version of X-Men

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