25 Top Paid Games for September

Posted by Dan Mousavi On September - 8 - 2011

Hello and welcome to another Toplist. This month we saw a huge rise in free games and while the sum of paid games didn’t really drop, they are starting to get overshadowed by the huge quantity of quality free apps on Android. Of course the reason for that is that there are still no useful ways to actually pay for content. Since Android Market still requires a credit card, a payment method that by my guess 90% of europeans don’t have or won’t use on a mobile device (even I don’t have a personal credit card and Dennis Zimpel is using a prepaid credit card that he got just for Android). There was hope this month, because Vodafone started to allow carrier billing on Android in Germany, but they screwed it up by enforcing a policy, where your device has to be bought through them (the IMEI gets bound to your contract when you buy a new device) which makes it totally useless for a huge chunk of german Android users who were ready to buy a simcard just to be able to pay. Most people I know buy their device without a contract, especially developers usually have self imported dev devices through events like Google I/O or ordered them through the Developer Program.
So there still is no way for any of my creditcardless friends and readers to actually buy stuff from the market, so it is no wonder that more and more developers start to develop ad-supported games, if it is the only way to actually make money on Android. I’m still hearing rumors about general carrier billing in Germany for Android, but they are still rumors, so we’ll have to wait and see when the paid situation will get better.

Sorry for the little rant, it’s not all bad at the moment. There are still wonderful new game concepts that are coming out for Android, here are the best 25 Games we found this month.

A augmented reality Billiard game that can be played with 2 devices

A Game With Balls
Protect your cannon and blast away obstacles

Across Age DX
A Zelda like Action RPG

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips
The follow-up to the popular Airport Manager is now available on Android

Bulba The Cat
A nice 3D platformer where you tilt your device to control the bouncing cat

Cowboys & Aliens
Based on the movie license Gameloft did a 2d action game

Crayon Cannon
A nice physics based puzzle game

Demolition Master 3D
A nice 3D destruction game, place bombs and collapse the construction

A miniature air battle game

Doodle Farm
A combination game with animals, similar to Alchemy

Farm Frenzy 2
The follow-up to the popular farm simulation

Hardwood Backgammon
The best Backgammon video game, I still play the 360 version that was released 6 years ago, this is a improved version of it

A port of the classic arcade game from one of the original developers

Krazy Kart Racing
A kart racing game with Konami Characters like Frogger

Madden NFL 12
The newest version of this popular American Football franchise is now available on Android

Minecraft Xperia Play exclusive
The Xperia Play finally has a must have title with the first “console” port of Minecraft

Puzzle Sphere
A very good tilt based puzzle game

Reckless Getaway
A great spin-off game from Reckless Racing with a chase cam

Ruffled: Feathers Rising
A 3d free flight game where you control a bird and poop on people

Shoot the Birds
Take revenge on all the birds who pooped on you in this shooting game

A great fluid physics based puzzle game, sadly it’s Tegra exclusive at the moment

Texas Hold’em Poker 2
Gamelofts newest take on the classic poker formula

Virtual Pool Mobile
A nice looking Pool Simulation

A reaction racing game

Zorro: Shadow of Vengeance
A 2d action game with Zorro

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