3 free puzzle g’s

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 6 - 2010

There are hundreds of ad- supported, but otherwise free games on the Android Market, here are the latest 3 puzzle games, that we liked.

Bonsai Blast:

With the latest version finally available for the first time on the Nexus One, this classic for Android is worth mentioning, even if it is already a year old. It is a match 3 game aka Zuma clone, where you can change positions, find secret extras and get special powers. It is done really well, the ads don’t get in your way while playing and the presentation is still beautiful and with it’s zen Design it is very relaxing, give it a try.
Here’s a quick rundown of the game by the developer:

Android Market Link

Puzzle Lords:

Next is Puzzle Lords, a RPG/match 3 hybrid. You choose a class and play against different enemies in turns. It plays like a juiced up version of connect 4 and is actually pretty fun. Worth mentioning is how much better the controls are with the trackball, don’t bother with the touchscreen. The developer promised, that if demand is high, he will add new quests and dungeons, so go ahead and download it, so that I can have a more fleshed out game. ^_^

Android Market Link


Chromatron is a laser-light-mirror reflecting game.
In this puzzler you have to place and position some mirrors, filters, etc so that the colored laser beams are reflected into the matching pinwheels. It looks minimalistic and simple, but the riddles are pretty hard and interesting, which always makes a good time sink. There are also free levelpacks available, should you beat the 50 included ones.If you cannot beat a Level, here are all 50 solutions:

Android Market Link