30 Best Paid Games for June 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 13 - 2011

Another 30 days, another 30 games for you to play. These are the best paid games we could find, that were released in May 2011. Since a lot of the paid games started to be available for free as a demo and have additional in app purchases to unlock the real full game, creating this list became much harder, so please let us know in the comments if we missed any recommendable titles.

Asphalt 6
Gameloft is back on the market with this fine racing game

Backbreaker 2
The follow-up to last years tackling game, now you are the defender

Bang Bang Racing (Tegra 2 exlusive)
A good looking top down racing game

A better looking flick Basketball game

Fight real time battles with your party of heroes by dragging attack lines and collect hundreds of items

Brain Game
A collection of brain teaser games

Cleopatras Pyramid
A solitaire like game that looks like it’s free at first, but soon has in app purchases

Freestyle Dirt Bike
A dirtbike racing simulation

Frontier Defense
A good looking tower defense game

GRave Defense
A very good looking tower defense game, seems to be a very popular

Greedy Pigs
Please read our review for more information

A tiliting game that looks like Geometry Wars, but has an interesting gaming twist, you ram the enemy with lightspeed

Hockey Fight Pro
A fighting game on Ice with additional in app purchases

A great 3D vertical space shooter

Iron Wars
A “cross-plattform multiplayer ball rolling battle game” ;)

The classic wooden block game is now available as a video game

Kula World (Xperia Play Exclusive)
One of my favorite Playstation 1 games and pretty expensive as an original disc, Kula World was one of the best 3D puzzle games of all time and is probably the inspiration behind titles like Ilomilo that play very similarly

Magnetic Shaving Derby
A weird, but fun game where you shave by attracting a razorblade with a magnet

Mini Thor
A Puzzle Bobble/Peggle variation, hit the monsters with your balls by bouncing off the geometry

Old Fart
A jumping game with nice graphics and bad taste

Pinball HD (Tegra 2 exclusive)
A nice looking Pinball game with HD graphics

Riptide GP (Tegra 2 exclusive)
A very good looking racing game, please read our review for more information

Random Factor Mahjong
A nice looking Mahjong game

Realms of Fortune
A 3D medieval RPG

Red Bull BC One
A Breakdance game sponsored by Red Bull

Robo Surf
You are the last robot on earth, time to surf :)

Symphony of Eternity
A Final Fantasy like RPG, very oldschool, but also very good

Solar Defence
Another TD game in space

Tiny Bee
A Tiny Wings clone with nice achievements, please read our review for more information

TNA Impact
A full fledged 3D wrestling game