30 Top Free games for April & May

Posted by Dan Mousavi On May - 9 - 2011

Google started with in app purchases this month and because of that it gets really hard to decide, if a title that claims to be free is really a free game or if it has in app purchases, that make it unplayable without paying something.
We played most of the listed games long enough to ensure, that you get a good portion of the game for free, but we cannot guarantee anymore, that a game that seems to be free won’t cost money down the line through in app purchases. Another problem we have is with wrongly labeled games like the unlisted Lord of Magic, the game is essentially a demo version with only three levels, but since the game is good and should have been on the paid games list, I kept it at the bottom.
If any of the listed free games is nothing more then a glorified demo version down the line, please let us know in the comments and in the market comments, it is now impossible for us alone to guarantee that a game that looks like a free game is not a cuckoo egg, so we need your help in exposing them.

a match 3 puzzle game, where you can disable the ads if you play long enough

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011
A baseball game with in-app purchases

Angry Birds Rio
In Angry Birds Rio you give the pigs a break and free smuggeled birds from their cages instead

Big Cup Cricket Free
Square-Enix Europe brings us two free sports games, there is also a free Baseball version

Burn The City
A very nice physics puzzler where you destroy whole cities

Cyberlords – Arcology
A round based cyberpunk shooter rpg, half Shadowrun, half Syndicate

DJ Rivals
A Music “RPG” in the style of Mafia Wars etc. with in-app purchases down the line

Dog Pile
A nice Pachinko like match 3 puzzle game

Dragon Hunter
Defend your castle and destroy the dragons

Domino Solitaire
another puzzle game with nice graphics

Dungeon Defenders
The first Unreal 3 game that was just launched around Christmas is now available for free with additional in app purchases

Extreme Formula
a 3D racing game with tuned sports cars

a great puzzle game where you place different sized gears to bridge the gap between colored ones

A minimalistic 3D puzzle game with interesting gameplay, you need to align 3D Blocks so it matches a predefined form

Ghost Wars Pro
For more information, please read our review

A fun game where you don’t really play yourself, but guide a hero who worships you

Kumho Tire Drive
Another 3D racing game with a focus on tire behaviour

Maximus Discus Free
A Tron style disc throwing game, hit your opponents with your discs and deflect the ones aimed at you

Nano Panda
A physics puzzle game with magnetic pandas

Outbreak! Zombies beta
A augmented reality zombie game that could be fun, if more players pick it up

Paper Jet lite
A lite version that has enough gameplay to play for a while, but it is just a demo for a full version with more features

Paradise Island
A simulation game with in app purchases where you build a holiday resort

a match 3 puzzle game from Hyperbees

Quisr lite
A multiplayer quiz game for up to 4 players

Return Zero
A futuristic Tron-like racer where you race against the time

Shadow Era
A beautiful Magic the Gathering like card game with in app purchases

SpeedX 3D
Hyperbees Tunnel Racer SpeedX is now available for free with ads

Tap Tap Revenge 4
This great music rhytm game comes with in app purchases, but has enough free tracks with a new one each week to keep you busy for a while

This popular poker game series from Glu games is now free

Not really a free version:

Lord Of Magic
Great tower defense game with a nice flick mechanic, but the free version is a demo with only three levels

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