45 Top Paid Games for October 2011 (part 1 of 2)

Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 10 - 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to another Toplist.
As you can see from the topic we have more recommendable games this month than ever before. Since we didn’t publish a free games list last month, but collected the games, we also have over 100 free games to recommend. Since these lists are getting to big for a single article to load, I will now split them in several parts. I think 25 games should be a maximum per page. The games will continue to be alphabetically sorted, so today you get A-L and tomorrow M-Z will follow. After that there will be 4-5 parts for the free games toplist.

A Max Payne clone with multiplayer from Gameloft

Alabama Smith
A hidden object/puzzle game

Airport Mania: First Flight
The extended version of the popular airport manager

Asteroid Defense 2
A tower defense game where you protect the earth from Asteroids

Manage your own pirate bar

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited
The new Breakout clone from Gameloft, now with bosses

Boulder Dash – The Collection
Play through different incarnations of Boulder Dash

Clowning Around
A nice puzzle game, dunk the clowns in the right barrel

Devil’s Creed
A good looking action game, controls are a bit lackluster

Diamond Twister 2
A casual Bejeweled like puzzle game from Gameloft

Doodle Devil
Combine elements to create new ones

Dragon, Fly!
A Tiny Wings clone, one of the first games that runs on Google TV

Early Bird
Help this cheerful bird to catch the worm

Earth And Legend
A western 3D RPG

Eve of the Genesis
A new J-RPG from Kemco

Elemental Knights Online The World
A cute japanese mmo, that is translated to 85% at the moment

Emissary of War
A hack and slash action rpg

Farm Frenzy 2
The follow-up to the popular farm manager

Flick Golf!
A very nice 3D Golf game

A cute physics puzzle game

Great Little War Game
A beautiful 3D turn-based strategy game

iBlast Moki
Bomb your Moki to the goal

Jelly Defense
A nice tower defense/offense game from iDreams

Jungle Ruins
Place objects to guide the monkey in the ball

Here you’ll find part 2 of our List.