A visit at Scoreloop – Interview with CEO Marc Gumpinger

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 19 - 2010

Since Scoreloop announced in May that they have a rapid growth on Android with over 300000 new Android Users per week, their software is used in more and more games, that’s why Androidpimps decided to pay them a visit, because we wanted to hear straight from the source, what Scoreloop is exactly and what it does for gamers and developers. CEO Marc Gumpinger sat down with us and was willing to answer all our questions, that’s why we asked him to one part gamer questions and one part technical questions, that will be more interesting for developers, who think about integrating Scoreloop into their projects.

Dan: Can you give our readers a short introduction what Scoreloop exactly does and what possibilites it brings for developers?
Marc: Scoreloop delivers developers a bunch of tools, to manage the social networking for them, so they can focus on developing the game. The whole thing is based on 4 pillars:
discover, engage, monetize and optimize

Discover: Players can connect to each other through the Friend search and the connection to the social networks and by doing that they promote your games.
Engagen: Through challenges from other players and achievements in the games, the gaming experience can be shared.
Monetize: With our game currency you can handle in-app purchases like new themes or virtual goods, or you can challenge other players with something at stake.
Optimize: Through Analysis of the game statitics and market Analysis, that we share with interested developers, we show potential areas of improvement and give developers better insight into the use of their software.

Dan: When I visited your page last year, there were a lot of different Highscore lists on the page, nowadays your page is more about informing developers and Publishers about your software, are the Lists still visible outside of the apps? Are you planning for example a Scoreloop app?

Marc: We still have the lists, as a developer you get a widget, that you can use per html code copypaste on your own website. Even partner sites can get these Widgets, e.g. on Androlib you can check out the Highscore Lists on the page of the game. There will also be a Scoreloop app very, very soon, where you can check your Highscores, find new Scoreloop games or manage friends.

Dan: How exactly does your Coin System work? When I challenged someone in Toss it, I didn’t recieve the same amount that I bet.

Marc: Das system works like this, let’s say you bet 10 coins and your opponent too, then the winner will get 15 coins. The reason, why we take a chunk out is, to lower the inflation rate. We saw at tests, that when you pay out winnings 1:1, someone will amass thousands of coins and then it’s no fun anymore, because you won’t find opponents. That’s why we chose a system that’s realtive close to the real economy.

Dan: Scoreloop on Android is bound to a single User per device, a new Scoreloop game alway automatically knows who I am. Is there a way to change the user, so more then one person can play on a single device?

Marc: Until now the demand for this was very low, as long as developers don’t ask for this feature, we will concentrate on more pressing matters, that we process one after the other. It would be a great feature, but it isn’t easy to implement, that’s why we have to look how often this feature is demanded and then look, if it is worth to integrate this feature.

Dan: What possibilities do you give developers, to integrate Scoreloop into their established projects? A few weeks agon you announced Unity support, will there be more plugins for succesful engines or are some planned?

Marc: We have 2 possibilites, how developers can integrate Scoreloop. The first one is called core social and is a API, that developers can use, to have a connection to social networks inside the app and can then use all the features that come with it. The advantage for the player is, that he doesn’t have to switch between social platform and the game. I think this is one of the best features of Scoreloop, you do not need to use a standard platform (you can, which then would be the second possibility), so developers can use their own UI and create the game around the social aspects, since these possibilities have a huge impact on the game design.
The second possibility called core UI is a prefabricated solution and user interface, that you can use, when you want a fast entry, e.g. when your game is already done and you want to add highscore lists and challenges afterwards. The nice thing about it is, that core UI is built upon core social and when you want to go deeper with your integration in some points after a quick UI Implementation, you can pick the core social features you want and change them.

Dan: Scoreloop is used in a lot of different ways in many games, are there any restrictions on Android? For example the coin system uses in app purchases, which aren’t there yet on Android, which is why it’s been done with a workaround through a link to your website.

Marc: There are no other restrictions beside the payment system and that we constantly improve. Besides the system over credit card, we will offer more payment methods soon and open up the coin system for the developers, so they can change everything e.g. change the name of the currency or use it for lives inside the game.

Dan: With great interest I’ve read the first part of your study about mobile gamers, is the whole study online somewhere?

Marc: The first part is already viewable on the net, part 2 and 3 follow in the coming weeks. The complete study will then be given to everyone who contacts Scoreloop and asks about it.

Dan: I know you don’t develop your own games, but are you partly financing promising projects, that use your coin system?
Marc: We don’t finance games, but we are open for direct partnerships with good games or good developers, that help us to improve our system. So when someone has a special feature request, that is needed, we are willing to invest time and work in it. But we are open to all kinds of requests, when it concerns cooperation, so just contact us and ask.

Dan: To conclude I wanted to ask you what are you’re three favorite games on Android, that use Scoreloop?
Marc: Toss it, Jewels and The Billy Goat Quiz

A big thanks to Marc Gumpinger for the Interview and to Yu Junde and Julien Donguy, without whom this interview wouldn’t have been possible.

Here is a list of some of the better Android Games, that support Scoreloop at the moment:

A Brief History of Rome
Aeolian Stars
Andro Daft
Arrest Spy
Bubble Blast
Bug Landing
Card Board
Chain Reaction
Classic Simon
Count! for Android
Cube Challenge
Field Goal
Finger Stadium
Funzy Bloc
Hungry Shark [Android]
Impossible Level Game
Mini Golf’Oid
Mobile Andrio
Prism 3d
Radio Ball 3D
ScratchDown for Android
Smear King
Smiley Pops
Strike Out Stats
Tap And Furious
Tap King
The Billygoat Test Quiz Game
Toss It
Worlcup Wags Puzzle
XGalaxy 2

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