A World of Photo-Throw with pictures of you!

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 26 - 2010

I did not know exactly what to expect from “A World of Photo”, because the title sounds mysterious. So I installed this free app to get a closer look. A lot of people in the forums and the comments at the android market find it very funny and cool. In fact, a direct hit!

In short, the goal here is to exchange photos with the whole world, if you wish you can comment and rate them. However, you do that in an ingenious principle: chain mail!
Now some of you are probably already shaking their heads and think “No thanks”, but wait, it really is a highlight on android.

You start the app, then you directly get instructions, the briefing ends and you will be asked if you want to start as a guest or registered user.
I’ve registered, you only had to enter a nickname and password, that’s it.
Then it starts, you can shake your mobile phone, spin it on the table like the game spin the bottle or simply point in a direction with the mobile phone. In this direction the app will search for a user who is online and gives him the order to take a picture of anything.

So far there were no nude pics or the like, I think it’s unavoidable, but it does not seem to be the rule. Maybe it’s just the superiority of our community built up at the moment on mostly gadget freaks, the early Android adopters. ;)

When the person has chosen one of his photo he sends it to you, via Internet, of course. Now you get your surprise picture, the picture can eventually include everything. You can now award it 1-5 stars, depending on what you like and send your opposite a comment, but you are not forced to.

Now he would do the same you did, he tells someone to send him a personalized photo, etc. You also get inquiries from others, then the programm will tell you that you were invited to take a picture, accept the order or say “I’m busy”, again no one is forced to do anything.

Conclusion: A must have, on every party a great gag, but please remain decently! This “app” makes so much fun, it’s even more of a game, so it has made the leap to androidpimps.com!

You can get it for free in the Android Market!

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