Across Age DX is coming to Android + FDG Interview

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 31 - 2011

The german publisher FDG is getting ready to publish their debut title on Android – Across Age DX. Since I worked there a few years ago, I visited them to check out their first game for Android. Across Age is a japanese Action-RPG, that was developed in co-operation with the japanese developer Exe-Create. While the screenshots may remind you on other (mostly korean) grind rpg’s, this game plays actually more like Zelda and revolves around puzzle solving and the use of new skills.

The game was released last year for iDevices and was pretty successful, which led to an overhauled “HD version” with an additional dungeon and a different attack system entitled DX for Ipad and iPhone 4.
The Android port is based on this version, but had to be scaled down a bit to be compatible with the bulk of Android devices on the market, but it stil looks pretty good and looks sharper than the upscaled graphics other titles in this genre usually bring to the table.

Here are the bullet points for the game:

15-20 hours gameplay
HD graphics
sweeping soundtrack
tons of monsters
traps and riddles
exciting story

I did a short interview with Philipp D√∂schl, the Project Lead of Across Age, here’s the transcript:

Dan: Across Age DX is coming to Android, what are the differences to the iPhone Version?
Philipp: Across Age DX is a 1:1 port of the iPhone version with the same content and assets, but in some instances we had to use the lower res assets for performance reasons to stay compatible with the huge range of Android devices.
Dan: Which resolution would you recommend for Across age DX?
Philipp: I think it plays best on devices with a 480◊800 resolution
Dan: Will you support hardware keys in the future, or update the game with Joypad support for Android 3.1?
Philipp: That depends on how well the game will sell on Android, if the game becomes a success on Android and there is a demand for these features, we will look into them.
Dan: What other titles can we expect from FDG in the near future for Android?
Philipp: We are currently also working on Beyond Ynth for Android. (*editor’s note* Beyond Ynth is a very popular iPhone puzzle game, which won the Best Design Award and the Grand Prix Award at MWC 2011) Other popular games from us like Cover Orange will follow later.
Dan: Which Android Version will Across Age support?
Philipp: Across Age DX will run on all devices running Android 2.2 and up

Across Age is now available in the Android market. The first part of the game will be free with the rest unlockable via in-app purchase.