Amazon Appstore launches with Angry Birds Rio for free

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 22 - 2011

Today Amazon launched it’s own appstore in the US and as a launch special, you can download Angry Birds Rio for free in the first 24 hours.
Sadly, it only works in the US at the moment and a credit card is required to download anything, even the free games.
To download the Amazon appstore, visit from your phone.
To browse the Amazon Webstore from your PC, visit .
Amazon plans to give away a paid app every day, we’ll see how it fares in the long run, but early impressions are bad, most apps will cost more than on the Android market, which makes the trouble to go through Amazon not worth it. If they can’t get exclusives (and we truly wish they don’t, exclusive games suck) or alternative payment methods, this appstore will flop as much as all the other markets out there besides the official one.