Anomaly Korea

Posted by Hon-Bon Lee On April - 18 - 2013

“Evil Alien robots have captured Korea! Basically every street corner of Korea was loaded by the aliens with towers that destroy humans.
The end of the world is near! Rescue the world as Commander Evans with his Panzerkonvoi from the aliens!”
That’s probably how the ads for the follow-up of the succesful and innovative “Anomaly Warzone Earth” from 11bit Studios would sound like.
The game principle “Reverse Tower Defense” alias “Tower Offense” was thankfully kept.
You don’t build towerd on a street, instead you direct a Panzerkonvoi through streets full of Alien-towers.

The first few missions are tutorials for controls and the new units, they also explain the different alien towers.
The game is fully voiced in english and has multiple languages for texts, which are well translated.
In the beginning you create a convoy of vehicles with your limited budget, then you decide in which order they should drive.
Usually you place the “APC” (Armoured Personnel Carrier) in the front because of his armour, afterwards there comes something smaller like a “crawler”, which has lower armor, but further reach with his rockets. All vehicles can be upgraded in a mission, or you can change the order. Afterwards you see the tactical map, whit which you plan the way of your convoy. This route can be changed in-game when the need arises.
To complete a mission you need to use your abilities. The abilities let you increase the attack power of your convoy, or make them harder to hit, or repairs them, or redirect alien attacks or you can carpet bomb an area. These power ups have a limited reach and availablility. Depending on the difficulty you usually get them after destroying a tower.
It can get pretty hectic, when you start to coordinate your abilities.
The controls are easy to learn, on the left are the abilities and on the right the buttons for the tactical map and the convoy configuration.
The progress in a mission is saved automatically at checkpoints. The graphics are very pretty for a tower defense game and look great in the zoomable top-down view.
The game has nice sound effects and the many voice recordings deliver a nice soundtrack to the destruction.
The story and the mission objectives are neatly thought out (reach the end, free building sites, rescue vehicles, save data towers in a specific time etc.)
A new mode called “Kriegskunst” in german is unlocked after the 4. Mission. There you can show what you learned, by beating scenarios under certain conditions.
The game has lots of new panzer units and enemy towers compared to the first game.
There’s also a in-depth info menue, that tells you about the controls, the panzer, the towers, abilities etc.

Some facts:
Uses 294 MB
works with Android 2.2 and higher
available since 20. December 2012

Tested on: LG P990 Optimus Speed (Android 2.3.4, Firmware V20r, Nvidia Tegra 2 – 2x1Ghz)

a. great graphics and sound
b. some slowdowns, that don’t really influence the gameplay (of course this is the fault of the now old LG P990)
c. I had 1 crash ( but the phone does that often)

Fazit: (10 is best)
Grafik: 10/10 – detailed landscapesand pretty effects, best in class when it comes to TowerDefense!
Sound: 8/10 – nice asian inspired music, great Sound effects, and top voice acting
Spass: 9/10 – It’s a lot of fun to guide your convoy through enemy territory. But the last few levels have evil checkpoints…
Spieldauer: 8/10 – On normal and with the new game modes the game should deliver around 10 hours of gameplay, a lot for a smartphone game.
Gesamt: 9/10

All in all it’s just a follow-up with new features. The first game had a innovation bonus because of the Tower Offense gameplay, but now it’s not so special anymore.
But that doesn’t matter, since it’s still fun. I’d like more of it!