Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 19 - 2011

Apparatus, that sounds more like a normal app instead of a game. But it is a game that will appeal to the modders among you, so basically nearly to all men. In Apparatus you build machines and your goal is to get chain reactions. It’s basically the same as The Incredible Machine on Windows 3.1, this kind of game fascinated me for many hours. Let’s see if Apparatus is a worthy successor.

I’ve tested Apparatus on my LG Optimus Speed and could not find any bugs or FC’s. The graphics and the performance was fluid and smooth. Now to the game, you have to get the ball into the blue box. To reach this goal the player can move all the items which are made from wood, because they can be moved freely on the screen to do the job. If everything is to your liking and you think the ball would reach the goal, you push the play button and let it run. That’s all, but over the course of the game the machines are getting heavier to construct and reaching the goal will be harder.

Even if it doesn’t sounds very spectacular, it’s a great game to pass the time, you may also see some add-on features, because although can play the game very well and everything looks ready, it is still partially in beta stage, according the statement of the developer on the market page of the game. You can first try the Lite version of Apparatus, or you can get the full version for 1.20 ‚ā¨.

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