Basketball Online

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 20 - 2011

I have to admit I won’t be able to write much about this “mini-game”, but it should be mentioned at least, because it’s really good despite the minimalistic graphics.
Basketball Online is a 2D Skill-Game, on the left side of the screen you see a basket and on the right side a ball will appear on random positions. The goal is, you guessed it, to throw the ball into the hoop. You do that by dragging the ball, then a line will appear that shows you the trajectory of your shot and when you let go you shoot.

Soon you’ll get the hang of it and then you can compete in the highscore list. There are two gameplay modes, a online mode with 30 players, where you play for 1 1/2 minutes against other players live around the world and a daily highscore mode, where you play as long as you like for 1 1/2 minutes by yourself, to improve your rank on the daily highscore list.

Give it a try, Basketball Online is available for free in the market and definitely worth checking out for a round. The Pro Version without ads is also available for 0,70‚ā¨

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