Beer Pong HD

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 14 - 2011

For a short time now the game Beer Pong HD from the development team Codeglue is available for free at the Android Market and I thought I should take a closer look, because I like beer and I like Ping-Pong. Having both in a game should be funny or what do you think? The test will show whether the game is worth to sacrifice about 12 MB ​​of your memory to install it on your phone. See for yourself.

The game itself is kept simple , but the design is ​​great, it takes place on a sort of ping-pong table. At the two ends there are cups filled with beer in which you need to throw a ping-pong ball . If we setup the game in the menu, so that we want to play against the computer or other players to the score 3, there will be three cups of beer placed on the table. The cup in which you have thrown is getting away, so you can not always throw ownly at the easiest cup to achieve the required score. The complicating factor is that your camera is moving as it would be when someone is drunk. To score this way is much harder.

The gameplay and the game itself is funny, but there is no long-term gameplay. Even if you try to get all the OpenFeint achievements, it won’t take you that long. The game is best played in multiplayer.

Graphically Beer Pong HD is done really great, the environment will make you believe you’re in a bar because of the great panoramic effect, which creates that impression. For a free game it is definitely worth a look, so download and judge for yourselves. Have fun!

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