Blow Up

Posted by David Holliss On June - 20 - 2010

Blow up. An addictive game by Camel Games you’ve probably never even heard of.

It’s probably one of the few games where a single screenshot probably explains the gameplay better than paragraphs of text, but I’ll give it a go. The aim of the game is to blow up wooden/metal structures with a restricted number of accurately placed bombs – these are placed by simply dragging in to the required position. Therefore turning the structure to a pile or rubble – the smaller you can make the pile of rubble the more points you’ll score. There is a horizontal guide line where all the rubble must lay beneath in order for you to progress to the next structure.

Add in to the mix a ragdoll Panda who sits in to the structure, make him hit a strategically placed star on his way to the ground and you’ll score a large number of bonus points. But damage him with a bomb and your score will be hit. The physics of the game are great and very realistic, making you really think where you’re placing your bombs. Once they’re in place press the big red button at the bottom right of the screen and watch the destruction you’ve caused.

Some later levels also have red oil barrels filling the left and or right edges of the screen, once touched they explode and that means attempt over so you need to start the level again adding another dimension to your thinking.

There are three difficulty levels, with the same 80 structures per difficulty; the only difference the increased difficulty makes is that the line the rubble must fall below is lower. High scores are tracked per structure to add replay value and overall total score per difficulty level is tracked via integrated online leaderboards. Each completed structure is replayable individually to try and improve your best score. Your score is graded out of four stars, so you can easily see where your failures and successes are.

Blow Up is a polished game, it has it all, quick pick up and play action, and the urge to go back and try and beat your best scores time and time again. There is also a free Lite version on the Market to try containing ten levels to whet your appetite.

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