BowQuest: Panda Mania

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On November - 19 - 2010

Here we have another newcomer in the Android World, BowQuest: Panda Mania will bring you hours of fun with its variety, find out how it does that and what this game is all about in our review.

It’s nothing new that Pandas aren’t the liveliest animals and that they aren’t many left nowadays, but that these lovely creatures can defend themselves and entire cities is something the world hasn’t heard of yet.

In BowQuest: Panda Mania your hero has the job to defend a city from attacking animals, it begins with snakes that can be defeated with a single shot, followed by black snakes who can take 2 hits until they dissipate and many more and harder enemies follow over the course of the game.

BowQuest: Panda Mania also has a nice story, which you can follow in the cutscenes, I recommend you press pause to read them in comic book style, I skipped them in the video to show more of the game. To see how the game plays please watch our Youtube Video.

There are 3 difficulties and enough levels to keep you busy for a while, that’s why BowQuest: Panda Mania is definitely worth it’s money, the price of 1,47‚ā¨ is fair without a question. If you are unsure, if this game is for you, you can try the trial version for free. The developer of BowQuest: Panda Mania also have a homepage where you can watch the trailer and see more screenshots, I’m sure they like it, if you pay them a visit.

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