Burn the Rope

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 27 - 2011

Be ready for a hot title for Android, because with Burn the Rope comes a game where you can play with fire. In this game movement, skill and concentration is required of you, so it’s not for the lazy gamers among you. Read my review and decide for yourself, I like it and I hope I can “infect” you, if you get the joke, you’ve already won something xD.

In Burn the Rope you are first shown a rope which is already burning. To keep the flame from going out, as you know from your countless encounters with fire in real life, you must ensure that it always burns upright, because the flame can only burn other parts of the rope when it is directed upwards. This is becoming more difficult later in the game, because then you have several pieces of rope which have to burn in different directions. You do that by turning your Android device. In my test that worked very well and brought a lot of fun. In the explosive situations you have to keep an eye on multiple flames and move your Android device really quickly back and forth to really burn the entire rope.

On the market site the developer promises more levels, but with the current 112 levels you should be busy for a while. Graphically and from the idea I love Burn The Rope and it is one of my favorite games for the month of June, because in this way the motion sensor has not yet been integrated into a game before.

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