Castle Warriors

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On September - 16 - 2010

Castle Warriors gameplay is much like Galcon or other games which are a little big like “Risk“, where you have to defend towers against enemy troops and attack them. The goal is to take all the castles and beat your opponent. Opposed to similar games here you have a certain number of soldiers, they will not multiply and you can decide how many of them to change the castle by selecting the desired castle and choose between “Some”, “Half,” “Most “and” All ” by tapping.Then select the vacant castle. Now your troops move on a path to to the specified location. On the left of your screen you see a radar which shows you how much space was already occupied by whom.

The best thing about Castle Warriors, are the great 3D graphics, that’s the biggest difference to other games of this kind. Castle Warriors is the first game that utilizes the Unity 3 engine in it’s alpha version and it shows. The developers here shows us a little bit, though not fully mature, the ever advancing graphics technology in our mobile phones, especially on android. Anyone who was still worried about the future of 3D gaming on android half a year ago don’t need it fret anymore, but you should have a powerful device for these 3D titles, it is just like with our computers, if you want to play the newest games, you need to have a newer device, it’s inevitable.

Castle Warriors is a fine single player game which hopefully will get a multiplayer mode in the future. Be warned with a Galaxy S though, the game crashes on it at the moment, so wait until it gets updated, before you try it out.

You can download the game for $ 2.99 at the Market, unfortunately a Lite version is not currently available, I  hope this will be also rectified.

Market Link