Cat game – a game for your cat

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 22 - 2012

All living beings like to play, so does your cat. After a recent flood of videos, where animals played easy touchscreen games, this is the first game, that is specifically targeted for your little bundle of fur.
The game has 4 levels that try to get your cat to engage with it. At the moment there are squeaky mice that your cat has to paw, there’s also a artist mode, where your cat draws while it is playing, you can share the picture afterwards. The developer Sebastian Maurer is planning to add other critters like squirrels and birds. He is also asking for feedback, because he has only one cat as a playtester until now. So if you have a playful kitten, let it play this game and please show me the results next caturday, because there are few things that are more awesome than video gaming cats. ^^

The game is available for 2,50$ in the Play store.