Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 19 - 2010

In cestos it’s all about holding your balls longer on the field than your opponent can hold on!

Each player has the option to create an avatar in the menu, in the beginning you don’t have a lot of choices, much must be unlocked first, but it’s a nice gadget.

In the game itself, you are playing online against other players, whether Android or iPhone. You can see the playfield, the balls of the enemy, your own balls and a hole in the middle, where your balls should not fall into it, because if you have no more balls on the field you lose.
Here tactics and luck are required, because before the balls roll you need to set the direction of the individual balls by clicking and dragging in the desired direction. After this is done, the balls of both players start to roll and bounce against the randomly laid mines from the CPU and against each other. You don’t see the direction the enemy fires his balls, you have to think about it well in advance, where your own balls are to be shot, because forcing the enemy directly into the hole quickly can become a own goal.

By winning you get objects for your avatar and this shows your enemies how much experience you’ve collected.

It’s also nice that you can directly invite friends to a game, and ignore annoying opponents. There is also the possibility of playing with more than 2 players on one field, so more action is happening on your android. The game can be perfectly played at night in bed, because it does not depend on the position sensor.

My conclusion: With Cestos the developers have released a very good game, and it is also a new game principle and does not look like thousands of other games from the Market. Unfortunately, this game would be getting under in the flood of senseless games in the market, so I hope, as does my editorial boss, that this will change soon, so pearls like this will be found easier.

You can get Cestos in the market for free!

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