Contract Killer

Posted by Hon-Bon Lee On June - 20 - 2011

According to the Android Market until now “Contract Killer” has already between 1 and 5 million installations and since I’m hooked on the game for the last two weeks, there needs to be a review!
I hope you’ll find my first review interesting. :)

Oldschool gamer will remember the line of First Person-Arcade Shootergames, where you just navigate a crosshair per mouse and then you just shoot around. Be it human enemies in war, Aliens or some items like cans. Contract Killer has a lot of similarities with these shooters, but it’s not a rail shooter like the arcade ports of the Operation W*lf-, House of the Dead- or Time Crisis-series. The levels or better said the areas in Contract Killer are not scrolling, because the player is a sniper. As a professional sniper you hide and don’t go in guns blazing like an action hero. From the window a sniper only has a limited view on the surrounding area.

As an upcoming Pro Sniper you plan your actions on a street map (Google Maps says hello). Here the player sees icons on the map for weapon shops, his hideout, informers (who give out contracts or storyline mission) and of course the level of the accepted contract. You touch the informant, then the map scrolls to your mission location with a description of the mission and some details about the reward and the energy cost.

As a Sniper Noob you start with a simple hunting rifle, thankfully there is already a zoomable riflescope mounted on top. Later in the game you’ll get a lot of money from your contracts, which you can spend in shops to get new guns, e.g. pistols, automatics and better sniper rifles. The Ingame-Store also has the fitting ammunition for each weapon, also a sniper needs a medikit every once in a while for his wounds or food for more energy. For every mission you need energy, if you are out of it, you will have to wait or you can eat some food rations from the shop. The missions aren’t extremely varied (it still is an arcade-shooter), but at least they tried to bring in some variations. Usually you just have to take out the “Boss” who is usually named, sometimes you have to kill his bodyguards first and sometimes the other way around. Every once in a while you get into a trap or in the beginning you get asked to buy a “Tranquilizer”-Rifle, which will put your enemies to sleep instead of killing them, which you need for some missions … now let’s go to a lucrative mission with full gear

The Levels are in 3D with nice littkle details like steaming drainages or moving cars on the streets… and there are civilians, if you hit them with lead, the mission will be aborted. Depending on the level, you will start on a window or behind some boxes with a good overview of the situation. On the lower left of the screen is a touchbutton to use the scope, above it is the button to hide/cover and a button for medikits if you are hurt. On the other side you can switch your weapons and below it is the fire button, if you zoom in with the scope, a practical slider appears. The controls work intuitively per swyping, of course only beside the action button. By the way, there’s another very handy action button called “Steady”. With it the sniper holds his breath to keep the rifle still and steady. Sniper rifles are very powerful, the pistols, shotguns and automatic rifles are for closer enemies. Every weapon has stats, like reach, ammo and power.

While you will see the same levels over and over again, every few levels (you gain experience after successful contracts) there are new informants, mission locations or weapons. Also the storyline will continue then. The game has short loading times, which makes it a great game to whip out while you have a short break if e.g. you wait for the bus or the train.It also keeps you from becoming addicted, because every Job requires energy, which fills up after some real time has passed (just like a browser or facebook game). Like in most other freemium games you can buy credits for real money, besides food rations for more energy there are exclusive weapons you can buy with them in the store. A nice feature from Glu: If you install and start other specific gratis-games from the company you get more free credits. Please check the ingame-store for the conditions, because some of these free credits are only available if you buy some other app.

The game Contract Killer is available for free in the Android-Market. To finance that, there are ads displayed on the map and in the ingame-Shop. There are no ads in the 3D-Actionpart of the game, which is very friendly of them. On the first startup, you’ll be asked to download additional 250 MB, which speaks for the quality of the graphics in the levels. The sound is good and there where no force closes while playing the game. There is always a process running in the background from Contract Killer, I guess it is needed for the energy calculation. Some people in some forums said, that the game could have performance problems on older devices, but I didn’t have any with my Dual-Core Android. *g*

There was an update in the calendar week 23. With it the arsenal was expanded, there’s a IPF-Pistol as a present for v1.0 Player, a lot of OpenFeint-Achievements, you can now get out of the zoom mode while you are in cover so you can change weapons, there’s a new reload button so you can manually reload your weapon when you want to and there were some small balancing and performance bufgfixes.

Рgreat sniper-game, addictive, free

– Some graphic bugs (invisible enemies when there are more then 8 enemies on the screen, if some die, the next ones get displayed)
– sometimes the game has proiblems on startup, could be my Androidversion/Firmware

Oh, it looks like I have collected enough energy for new mission, See ya! ;-)

Device: LG P990 Optimus Speed
Androidversion: 2.2.2
Gameversion: 1.1.0

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