Cosmic Patrol

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 22 - 2010

With a hint by the programmer I’ve found Cosmic Patrol in the Market and thoroughly tested it, because the scenario sounds promising:

It is a sophisticated variant of the famous “Battle Ship”, where you take turns to find all hidden enemy ships on a grid, with the difference that these are spaceships. But that is not everything, because you have the choice between “Duel” (Against an opponent via wifi) and “Battle” (career mode).

So I downloaded Cosmic Patrol (Beta) from the market for free, installed it and started right away. You directly get the space-feeling because you will be immediately greeted with “Welcome RECRUIT” and you have to enter your name. If this is done you stand in the middle of your command center and see your stats, the menu is clearly structured and carefully designed.

The only criticism here is that you have to find your way around first and get no tutorial, but well, there are only four menues, and after two minutes you have already settled. A tutorial would be welcome, but you can see by the name that this is a game in beta stage, so you should not be too critical.

In the menu you can change the difficulty level and here the programmer has had an ideas which had impressed me, because if you choose the weaker level of difficulty then you get 25% less points in the next game than if you take the heavier mode.

The second point in the settings activate the help that appears around a sunken shuttle collar and the player can see where no spacecraft can be, because as you know they can’t touch each other. If you activate it, you get 10% less points.

The game is really recommended, minor deficiencies will be corrected and a online mode could provide further incentive. For improvement suggestions leave a comment in the market, so the programmer knows what he should change.

You can get Cosmic Patrol (Beta) for free in the market!

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