Crazy Squared

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On April - 15 - 2011

The game principle of Crazy Squared is new to me, but looks very promising.The developer Tangent Web Design Ltd., the game company behind Crazy Squared, contacted me about their game and asked me to try it out. They describe their game as a mixture of Snooker and Pinball. There are no holes, but there are blue movable cubes, which will desintegrate the yellow cubes, if they touch each other. the first few levels are just to warm you up and are pretty easy.

But after a few missions the red cubes get added, if they touch another cube, a new yellow one spawns in the field, that’s why you should try to split them, before they can produce to many cubes and your time runs out.

You play Crazy Squared by using the accelerometer of your Android, with that you split your red cubes by tilting them away from the other ones to complete your goal. You should watch their video to get a better understanding of the gameplay.

Back to the game, the graphics aren’t very fancy, but they are in 3D and consume much power, my HTC Desire had a few small hiccups, which didn’t bother me, but still, if you don’t have a Gigahertz-Android, you should be wary. There is now a free version in the Market, as well as a easier version with the name Not So Crazy Squared, which gives you the possibility to just try it out for yourself.

You can buy Crazy Squared in the market for 1,35 ‚ā¨, if the ads in the free version get on your nerves.

Market Link