Crush the Castle

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 7 - 2010

Crush the Castle is now available for 99ct. The Android version, as opposed to the Flash version, itself is very compelling and comprehensive which gives you plenty of playtime. Although Crush the Castle’s concept was the basis for the top Iphone game ‘Angry Birds’, the original didn’t do as well as Rovio’s version which is also highly anticipated for the future release on Android.

But why should we wait for Angry Birds, when there is already a title which offers the same game principle. After playing the flash version briefly (see link below this article) I checked out the version for our beloved Android to see the final results. Admittedly after playing the flash version my expectations were a bit low regarding the android game, but was taught a lesson.

The game is simple because it only takes one finger and timing. To fire you have to trigger the catapult by touching at the right time and angle. The goal is to destroy the buildings and crush its inhabitants! The game worked smooth on my htc Desire without any issues.

If you manage to kill all with a predefined amount of shots, you are awarded a gold medal, then silver and then bronze. Graphically and game play wise it is simple and easy, a little more attention to detail would have been cool, but does not decrease the fun factor of crushing people with their house.

Initially ‘CTC’ was offered for the same price as their title ‘Learn to Fly’, which sold for $ 4.99. For a game you can play for free in your browser this seemed a bit steep. In my eyes, $ 1.99 would be justifiable! For these reasons some great games go down and the developers are surprised about low sales and a shrinking fan base. I thought this could be a reason for Namco to stop their development of games for android, but there might be future as they have just dropped the price to 99ct.

You can get the game now for $ 0.99 at the Market, which sound much better than the initial $4.99!

Market Link

Flashgame Link