Crystal Defenders

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On April - 4 - 2011

Another Tower Defense review? Again? Sadly I have to answer with yes, but from the masses of Tower Defense Games in the market, this one is at least in the Top 10.
As you can probably see from the design, this game comes from the capable hands that created the popular Final Fantasy series, which will remind most people at their childhood, because FF is a timeless classic and nearly everyone has tried at least one part and knows how the story usually goes.

In Crystal Defenders the story got cut back to a minimum, which usually is a trademark of the series, but there are still enough levels to play for a long time.

There are two difficulty modes, with 4 maps for each mode, where the goal is to keep the enemy from passing by. In the beginner mode you don’t have access to a few units, but you can upgrade yout current defenses and use them to your advantage.

The only negative thing about this game is that it is not optimized for the small screen. Everything is tiny and to make matters worse the game doesn’t fill out the whole screen, there are black borders on the right and left side, which is a bummer. With a little more effort, this could have been prevented, I’m not sure if it will happen through patches.

I would recommend you should just try Crystal Defenders, but sadly there is no lite version. The full version costs a hefty 5,31‚ā¨, but the game is a must for fans of Final Fantasy and Tower Defense games, for everyone else the high price will make you think twice, but I can promise you that the game itself is really good.

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