Cubic Man

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 5 - 2010

Cubic Man was the first game, that stayed on my Android after the 24h trial period, that’s why the choice for my first review at Androidpimps was easy.

You navigate a stone cuboid through a parcour of square plates, because the cuboid ist two squares long and 1 square wide and you have to have the necessary Space wenn you topple the Stone, you have to plan your moves a few steps ahead, just like it should be in any good puzzler.
Typical switch riddles alternate with floor formations and teleporters, to create a parcour of 100 Levels.

The Levels can be pretty tough and after a few levels the difficulty rises dramatically. Although the game scores with it’s Kula World like gameplay, a little more diversion would have been great, a few more music tracks, different Tilesets and changing Backgrounds would’ve enhanced the game quite a bit.

The controls are the main reason, why this game was my first choice on the Nexus One. It controls superbly with swype motions, the menues and look around button are placed clearly on the bottom of the screen and the return key just brings up the menue, just like the Touchkey above it. If you multitask per home button or get a phone call, you can resume the game without a problem at a later time.

The replay value after completing he game is relatively low, if you cannot motivate yourself to get a better score, which is determined by the count of your steps, but the delivered game length should suffice for lots of long riddle sessions. It is definetaly not doable in a 24 h trial, without just focussing on only the game.

I rated ist 5 stars on the market, because it is heavily underrepresented. There are not many really good games, that don’t just use 3D for Eye Candy, but have a funny gameplay as well behind it and Cubic Man definately has this going for it. If there would be harder competition on the market, i would rate it down for the missing diversion, but at the moment there simply is no better “navigate through a Tileset” Puzzler

A demo Version with 5 Levels is available on the Market, which gives a great overview what you can expect from the game. Since you can try the newest updates with it, you should try this version first before buying. A few comments let me suggest, that the game does not work properly on all handsets. There even was a bug on the Nexus One that prevented the game from running full screen, but this was fixed swiftly and now the game runs great on the N1.

In contrast to the Iphone Version there are 20 extra level in the Android Version, there’s also a panning button an zoom with the trackball.
If you want to save yourself the download and just want to take a look, here is a Video from the Developer:

The full version of Cubic Man costs 2,99$ which will cost you 2.21‚ā¨ at the momentary exchange rate (April 2010).

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