Death Worm

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On May - 17 - 2011

Death Worm is already well known and liked on the iPhone, now it finally arrived on Android. It does a wonderful job on our plattform too and does its best with the rich 2D graphics, the integrated Highscore lists and the detailed environments to bring you a lot of destructive fun. Death Worm is a great game that you can play either for a longer session or for a short burst of fun on the toilet or on a break, at work or in school.

The player controls a aggressive Worm, which lurks beneath the earth to destroy as many people, cars, helicopters and animals as possible, while doing that you complete goals like “eat 20 units” or “eat 40 units without getting hit”.
After every goal you can upgrade your worm, to make him bigger, faster, more enduring or more dangerous. With Nitro and Fire you can push him even more, with that he can push fast through the earth and spit fireballs, to create even more carnage.

There are different environments, where your goal is to eat as much of what is there, there isn’t much more you could ask for.

Death Worm completely convinced me and is available for 2,12 ‚ā¨, a fair price for such a fun game.

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