Deliverace renamed to Reckless Racing, is coming in the next few days

Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 20 - 2010

Update 21th Oktober: The game is now available in the market, first impressions show beautiful graphics with way to less content (one sitting on the toilet is enough to see everything) and faked online Multiplayer (You can win the race, but in the results you can be last, they just compare the whole racing time), but all in all, it is a great game. Here is the QR Code and the market Link:

Market Link

Update 20th October Nearly 4 months later, after a publisher switch to EA, Pixelbite just announced via Facebook and Twitter that they will finally release Reckless Racing in the coming days:

After several twists and turns it is finally judgment day… Reckless Racing will be hitting the stores this week. This includes iPhone, iPad, Android and Palm OS versions of the game.

Hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t drive safe!

Guess we finally find out if all the waiting was worth it.

Old News:

Two months ago we showed you the next releases from Pixelbite and now the racing game formerly known as Deliverace is finished and in testing. As an appetizer, the soundtrack got released, you can listen to the tunes created by Martin Noriander a.k.a. Instant Remedy at his page.

Pixelbite also shared some information over at the Toucharcade Forum on what has happened with the game since the last time they showed it.

A new track made it into the game, the delivery mode had a makeover, the UI was finalized, a casual game mode was added, Polarbit’s cross-platform online community support was added and much more…

Let’s hope they get their asses in gear and approve this game soon. In the end, the waiting will be worth it, because we Android gamers love nothing more than to crush our lame Iphone friends and show them who’s Boss. ;)

  • Wingnut

    Auf Apple beeilt euch. Ich will das Game spielen^^