Doodle Bowling

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On September - 30 - 2010

Today I spent some time with Doodle bowling and found that it is in my opinion the best bowling game currently on the market. Although a good game, there is still a lot that could be improved to extend play time. Currently there are a bunch of different environments for your ball to roll in, however a multi player mode was waived for the moment for what ever reasons. It would have not been too difficult to implement a turn-based system.

That was the only negative point that popped up, because in both graphics and game play Doodle Bowling is a all round well made and extremely addictive. Perhaps they could have included a challenge where by reaching a predetermined number of points you would progress to the next level. If the programmer should read this it might give him something to think about.

On my HTC Desire Doodle Bowling ran very smoothly, at times lagging a bit, but I could not exclude that App installed in the background were responsible. Do look past that and test the game yourself, because I barely encountered this problem.

The game principle is simple, put your finger on the ball, swipe up and after that determine the twist by wiping left or right.

I’ve noticed that the pins always drop differently. In over 100 games I still didn’t get the feeling that there is a system behind it unlike in other bowling games.

Per game finished with 10 rounds you receive a coin, which you can then redeem for new lanes and other environments. I am very impressed by the developers because all themes show both the possibilities of the graphics engine (namely the “Unity Engine”) and the attention to detail of the programmers.

Conclusion: Positive are the many lanes, the graphics engine “Unity” and the overall package of a really good bowling game, which for me is the current leader in this sport on the android market.

The only negative point is the lack of a multiplayer mode and the diversity of game modes.

Doodle bowling can be downloaded for free at the Market!

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