Drunk Ragdoll

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 16 - 2010

From the developers of “Shoot U!” there is something new, it’s called Drunk Ragdoll!

The Ragdoll is the guy you see in the photo, he’s drunk and you have to arrive him safely on the ground. In principle, this game is not really new, because if you played “Super Tumble” you’re getting a deja vu, but it is also difficult to secure the Ragdoll to the ground and there are fantastic new levels with equally fresh ideas, so there is no reason to regret the purchase of Drunk Ragdoll.

After a while you have to remove objects to drag Ragdoll to the specific landing area, this includes a bit of luck, because in some levels your character touches at corners and edges and does not reach therefore the goal box, but falls into the depths at the last minute. Patience and perseverance, luck and skill, all this is necessary, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Drunk Ragdoll scores with me through its few, but nice details, like the physics and the small bottles of alcohol, which also determine the direction of your main character when he encounters them.

In my opinion it has some pretty ridiculous levels, others are a huge challenge, it seems not to get harder with every level, they are mixed, whether intentionally or unintentionally, It doesn’t disturb me.

Currently, there are 50 levels, but there is still a lot of space in the main menu, I think it will become a lot more through an update.

As you can see this game is kept simple, it’s graphically and physically good and as playful as Super Tumble, hence there is not much to say. There were no FC’s with me in the 50 levels and when you’re getting a text message during the game, you can read them directly in the game.

Conclusion: In general Drunk Ragdoll is a really good game and worth the money.

You can download Drunk Ragdoll for ‚ā¨ 0.99 in the Market.

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