EA Sports FIFA 10

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 20 - 2010

So, now it’s finally released, FIFA 10 has been ported to Android a few weeks ago and I have tested it with my HTC Desire.

First, there truly have been few remarkable games in 3D, even no good football game which contains all the licenses of the versions for PC, PS3, Xbox etc. because the Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, Primera Division, Ligue 1, Serie A and many other leagues are all here with the original licenses.

I did not expect that this Game is the full game version like on the platforms, but all the modes were also ported, they are:

-Classic (Quick game against the computer)

-Be a Pro (Control a player and lead him to fame, so to speak, a career from the very bottom to the top)

-Manager Mode (be the manager of a team)

-Tournament (National Cups, Champions League, Europe ligue and World Championships)

-Training (Train kicks, attacks, penalties and corners)

-Penalty shootout (penalty kicks)

You can even play multiplayer via the Internet against other players. There are the following points:


-Host Match

-Host Penalty Shootout

-Host Be a Pro Match

Again, insane choice for a mobile phone that tries it’s best to be as good as a console.

Now I’ll start from scratch, I installed FIFA 10 on my device, but with APPS2SD (my device is rooted and flashed with Shadow Frost 1.3 ROM Froyo). Now I start the game, it loads data and checks if updates are available. Then it shows me the menu, here I set everything in settings, german language (Available languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Colombian Spanish), comments, you read correctly, there are even commentators, although only in English, but it’s really cool. Now there are the usual settings, playing time, injuries, playing level, camera angle, etc, as well as the choice of control method, here you can select how you want to control your character, by motion sensor or control pad, how sensitive it is to respond and the layout of the buttons A and B on the lower right side of the display.

Now let’s go, I want to play!

So I choose “Classic” and the derby Borussia Dortmund against Schalke 04, select team management , tactics and shirts, finally start by pushing the “play” button. During the charge you get shown the valuable tips, they are very useful. Then the game shows you the first time its glory, the stadium and the players, with remarkable graphics for a mobile phone and the controls will appear again.

Then it’s Kick Off Time, the players move smoothly on my Desire (Here it is dependant on the system and may be different from device to device) and the game ends with a 0-0, no wonder with 2 minutes of playing time. Nevertheless, it is fun, the multi-touch and the virtual joystick work excellent. What is different from the versions on the PC, PS3, etc? The players do not look as realistic, but I think that is irrelevant and would only cause an unnecessary amount of memory and effort.

Also, the late release is unfortunate here, because only in a few weeks when FIFA 11 will appear, the leagues will be current as well as the teams and their kicker. But EA here once more shows how well Android is taken seriously by developers and because of that we expect a Fifa 11 release while the actual season is still being played.

FIFA 10 was consistently smooth and without FC’s, just as stable as a gamer wants it.

I will only delete this game when FIFA 11 is out, perhaps also when Pro Evolution Soccer 11 comes for our androids, I would certainly be strongly for it.

You can download FIFA 10 in the Market for 5,50 ‚ā¨!

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