Posted by Dan Mousavi On November - 3 - 2010

If you are a classic gamer you surely remember the days where you spent hours chasing ghosts to a waka-waka sound in Pac-man, the developer hexage decided to give us a new game, that heavily borrows from the classic, but delivers something fresh with the game mechanic in a beautiful setting. Taking a cue from Pac-Man C.E. the whole game is kept in neon colored graphics, which are underlined by relaxing electro music to create a great atmosphere for the game. Style matters and EVAC has lots of it.

You play a pink box, that is kept inside a labyrinth by the evil Shadow box and his red minions, so you need to escape. You do that by eating all the colors in a level to open up a escape. While the game looks and feels like a straight clone at first, the game soon changes, because of new gameplay elements like pressure pads, hiding places or places where only you can pass through. You even get some help from a “companion cube” named Kratos, that you can push around and your blue brother Edgy, that travels along the direction where you push him, to solve some box puzzles along the way. There are also extras like a deadly aura, or lightning bolts to fight or a ghost mode that makes you invincible and hides you.

The game was released with 24 levels, which you can beat pretty easily, because they are way easier than a round of Pac-Man. The enemies are always slower than you and the difficulty is more in navigating the traps, understanding the easy box puzzles and in trying to get a huge highscore through a combo. There is a great point system implemented in the game, that rewards fast aggressive play and the straightest line to collect all colors. You get a multiplier for every color you eat, which slowly counts down until you reach the exit and when you can get a deadly aura, you hunt down the reds for big points.

EVAC is a really fun game with a beautiful soundtrack, the melodies and sound effects are top notch, with little touches like different fitting sounds when you select something in the main menue or extra smooth transitions between the tracks in the game. The neon look is great and nearly let’s you overlook how sparsely the game is animated. The controls just got updated after initial complaints about a to small touch pad, but I didn’t have any problems with it in the first place. You can also use the trackball, then you will continuously travel in that direction, which can be helpful for long lines of colors.

If I have one complaint it’s the size of the game, you will breeze to the game pretty fast and if you don’t try to get a better highscore, there is not much replayability, when you know how to beat a level. Achievements, a few unlockables and a real ending would have made this game perfect, but there could still be more content through updates, we will see. Another complaint I initially had was that there are different prices for the SD and HD Version, but both versions of the game are now on sale for 1,13‚ā¨ until 11th November, so I recommend you grab it now. A Lite version for a quick taste with 7 levels is also available and linked below.

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