Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 15 - 2010

With Everlands  follows a great game which melts your boredom.
This game is about setting animals that you see at the bottom of your display to defeat your opponent by placing them next to the enemy and fight against them. Let me first clarify that a little:

The board consists of hexagrams (honeycombs), the animals can be placed on each individually. On the picture of the animal are two numbers, the life energy and next to it are the attck points (ideally, read the instructions in the game itself but unfortunately it is only in English), each animal has additional strengths that can affect a struggle and by that the battles are more demanding, because you need a strategy and good thinking. By double tapping the selected animal you can learn the bonus abilities and requirements.

Finally, you have to look at the arrows on the edges of your animal, because each can only attack in certain directions and only in the one which an arrow is displayed.

I have looked at the game and locked it into my heart, you can play solo campaigns or in a duel against another player on the same device.

Graphically, it is very elaborate and drawed lovingly, the menu is clear and beautiful.

The only thing that was difficult in the beginning for me was to know the rules and to see through the system, it took some time, but I could have simply run the tutorial, so it’s my own fault =)

You can download Everlands in the Market for € 0.99, the lite version is free as always.

Market Link