Yesterday evening the Nexus One was the first device to get the Froyo upgrade, we shot some Video material from Gameloft’s new game Gangstar before and after the update, so you can compare it’s performance.

We chose one of the new Gameloft titles because they are still missing optimization for the Snapdragon processor and are the only games that performed that badly on Eclair. The game often had lousy fps, even with Froyo you will see the occasional hiccup, but it definately got a lot smoother.

Here is Gangstar running on Eclair, the last mission is present in both videos, so you can compare the performance:

And here is Gangstar running on Froyo:

We showed them to you because of performance issues, but they are great examples of where Android gaming is heading, you still should only buy them if you cannot be any longer without a dose of quality mobile gaming. They are still only available through the Gameloft Website (the WAP site is fixed now) and you won’t be able to get updated versions of the games and they are in dire need of updates (again, performance wise it applies only if you don’t have a milestone, but then you’ll want custom key mapping for your Game gripper).

Our example Gangstar is playable without errors, but it’s missing a .nomedia file, that’s why it’ll flood your Music Collection with sound samples. If you are that eager to play it (like me ;) ) you can fix it yourself or just ignore it. What you cannot fix or ignore are the controls. You’ll see in the videos, that the game has problems with multitouch on HTC devices and there is no trackball/D-Pad support, so you won’t have a workaround.

That’s why you should wait for the market release, we have high hopes for Gameloft’s return to Android and what they are doing now feels more like a beta test, then a real rollout.
Since we know you already love Gangstar (we do) and think maybe alternate controls will be your saving grace, here’s a quick overview of the different control mechanisms: