Fruit Ninja

Posted by Dan Mousavi On September - 22 - 2010

Openfeint launched on Android and with it came a handful of great games. Fruit Ninja was the most anticipated and shortly after release it climbed to the number 1 spot in the Top Sales list surpassing Robo Defense, a feat no other game has accomplished in the last 6 months. Let’s find out what’s so special about Ninjas and why they hate fruit so much.

Fruit Ninja is a reflex game, where your touch slices everything like a sword. You stand before a board and fruits are thrown into the air, where you have to slice them. If you miss 3 of them and they hit the ground, it’s over. But beware, there are also bombs, that terminate your game when you touch one. You can combo fruits that are sliced in one sweep and sometimes you get a random critical bonus. There are also some specials, like the Dragon Fruit, that appear sometimes randomly and bring huge points with it.

While this all doesn’t sound that exciting, the game has some hypnotic Zen-like feeling to it, that can catch you and then time just flies by. I played it on a trip this weekend and didn’t even realize that I played this little time killer the entire time trying to beat my highscore. Highscores are everything in this game, to fully enjoy it, you need a few friends with Openfeint accounts, so you can set some goals for yourself.

Since this is the first game with Openfeint, that we review, let’s dig a little deeper into it. When you install the game, it installs a secondary application called the feint game System (at least it did on the Nexus One, the Galaxy S didn’t get the app after the Fruit Ninja install). This application does nothing but recommend games, to get to the real feint game system, you have to be in a Openfeint game. If you slice the feint symbol in Fruit Ninja, you get to the Login screen, where you can choose a Username, Password and e-mail adress. After that you get to the main screen, where you can check Leaderboards, achievements, your other Openfeint games and your friends. Since Openfeint is big on Iphone, I recommend you add a few Iphone friends and check their friends to find more people you know faster.

All in all, Openfeint works really great, the achievement system get’s you hooked immediately and adds a lot of replayability to short skill based games like Fruit Ninja.
The achievements are sorted nicely and are more based on game time then on skill, you progress pretty naturally through them. You also unlock new weapons that change your slice color and backgrounds in Sensei’s Dojo, when you meet certain criteria.

Fruit Ninja is great little gem, that will entertain you more for your 99ct then you think at first. You can feel that a lot of time was sunk into polishing the game and that’s what makes it special. For example, there are lots and lots of interesting fruit facts, that your sensei tells you after each round and it’ll take some time, until they loop. Sound, controls, everything is thoroughly designed. The only thing you can criticise on the game is, that it doesn’t have enough game modes for more variety, but another one is already teased in the menu and will come with a future update. It could also use some optimization on Hummingbird processors, while I had no problems with my Nexus One, it lagged sometimes on the Galaxy S, but I still could easily beat my score on it because of the bigger screen. Since Fruit Ninja doesn’t need multitouch, this could be one of the few games, that are better on HTC devices.

The only thing cheap about Fruit Ninja is the ad and that is still funny, so all in all it is one of the best games available at the moment and deserves it’s success on the market completely.

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