Furry Legend

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 18 - 2010

Today we got something special, a great Android exclusive puzzle jump and run found it’s way to the market (at least it’s exclusive in Europe, it’s also available for BREW Handsets in America). The polish developer Gamelion brings us Furry Legend for mobile. Furry Legend is the 2D prequel to a 3D Wiiware game, that’ll be released at 5th July. You play a fur ball, that rolls around happily on his home planet until his friend gets captured by evil triangles, that try to conquer your Homeland, so you embark on a adventure to rescue him. You advance by solving physics based puzzles, that are very diverse and don’t rehash the same mechanics all the time.

The controls are a bit tricky at the beginning, you dash by pressing the a button and then you release it and press a direction to speed in it. There is no multi touch and if you don’t release the a button, it won’t work. Below the a button you can change your stance/mood, if your in attack mode, you cannot speed up, but when you’re in the vicinity of an enemy, a red marker will appear over him and then you can attack him by pressing a. If that confuses you please watch the video to see how the controls work. There is a nice checkpoint system and you have unlimited lives, the three hearts are just for enemy contact and if you die from them, you also respawn at the checkpoint. There are ten levels and a real end boss at the end of the game, which will take around 2-3 hours to complete, 10-15 minutes per level. The puzzles work really well, they aren’t very hard, but rich in execution, which makes the game feel always fresh. The developer said in some interview on their blog, that they tried to keep the game always fresh and while I haven’t seen the Wii version, it’s definitely true for the mobile game. The puzzles usually consist of rolling stones, that you have to push on switches or tricky jumps, complete with sticky surfaces, so you can roll on walls etc.

The graphics in this game are pretty good, the characters are nicely animated and just have a lot of charme. I think they planned to release the game for Nintendo DS and then decided to switch over to mobile, because usually mobile developers settle for less animation, but it’s great that they didn’t, because that’s what makes the characters so charming.
The sound on the other hand just consist of short melodies, that don’t loop perfectly and leave you with a moment of silence every 30 seconds.
There is a nice story with a little humor, that gets told by in game cut scenes and text between the levels. The only other text in the game is when you can talk to different pelicans that tell you about controls and new puzzle elements throughout the game.

While the game is overall great, there are a few things that are buggy in the first version. The camera sometimes hangs when you push a button, because it moves to the place where a door opens and sometimes doesn’t come back. For a few days I thought it is impossible to pass the 7th level, because the camera hanged every time I tried the level and after reproducing the bug and filming it, I waited for a patch. After I tried to reach the developer by mail for a few days, I brought in a polish friend to call them and when I tried to show him the bug I could finally advance…typical. Well at least I can tell you now that there is a last surprise, because there was 1 more level then I expected and it came with a end boss. Well at least now I can help anyone who has problems in our forum. Another thing that could use some improvement is the name input after a level with it’s tiny tap areas, but since there are no global scores and this is a jump and run, where scores don’t matter that much, it doesn’t matter.

The game is available for 1,99$ (1.60‚ā¨) in two flavors (320◊480 or 480◊854) and a steal at that price in my opinion. Android needed a good commercial jump and run and Furry Legend delivered, it definitely is the best Jump and run I’ve played on the platform to date.

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