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Posted by Hon-Bon Lee On August - 4 - 2011

The old Java-Version of Galaxy on Fire 2 on my old Sony Cybershot K810i already had good graphics and a huge game world. It was a small sensation in the mobile gaming world.
Fishlabs always focused on the creation of good games with lavish graphics.
Galaxy on Fire 2 is comparable to old PC Hits like “Privateer”, “Freelancer” oder “Elite”, if you played these classic space simulations and liked them, you will probably also like Galaxy on Fire 2 THD.
You can download Galaxy on Fire 2 THD for free in the Android-Market, after the installation it will download a few hundred MB additional data (WiFi recommended).
The first solar system is playable for free. You can only leave the hangar of the Space station in the second solar system after you bought the full version. You buy the game through in-app purchase, it brings you to the android market and after the sale you are back in the hangar, where you can continue to play seamlessly.

Our character, a headhunter who is named “Keith T. Maxwell”, jumps through time into the future after a fight with some space pirates. In this future a aggressive alien race called the “Voids” is terrorizing the all solar systems with hit-and-run attacks.
These aliens come through wormholes, which just start to appear. When everything is destroyed they leave per wormhole and go back to their own world.
Of course our hero is hired to find out what is going on.
The free version is pretty much like a tutorial, you’ll get to know the menues, upgrades and ships, how to collect minerals, etc.
In this version you can already do some side missions from the space lounges to get some money.
You can buy new ships and parts with that money, there are a lot of choices (turbobooster, shields, better hulls, tractor beams, transport cabinets…) After your shopping spree the action is getting started.
There are 4 different factions, who are on each others throats. If you are popular in one faction, the counterpart will hate you. You can compensate that through bribes with shady characters in the space lounges of the stations. If you are an enemy to the “Nivelians”, then you should expect attacks from nivelian ships. And you can only dock on nivelian space stations with bribes. Missions also give a boost to the friendship level, after a successful mission you also get more money from friendly factions.

Ships, weapons, upgrades and trading goods are all present with huge selections and balanced well. Planets have different prices for every item, so you can always buy something here and sell it a few systems later for a higher price. In the Space Lounges you can also get some transport missions. You can also get Credits with fighting missions, some lead you to far away star systems and some are right where you are, for example when you need to defend the space station.
The controls are switchable between Gyroskop and Touchpad, the sensitivioty is also adjustable. There’s also a autopilot with a timeskip button.
The weapon configuration puts you in control, depending on the type of ship, you can have more or less guns mounted at once. The futuristic weapons and rockets all have properties like reach, power, damage type or even speed.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD is a really deep game, but it also has some minor bugs.
Here are a few negative things, which happened to me while playing the game for a long time and I have a few solutions for some:
– The options are buggy. The configuration of the brightness etc. don’t do anything. The game continues to run in a high brightness setting and uses up a lot of power because of that.
Solution: none – it doesn’t matter what you set up in your android settings or in the in-game menu eingestellt hat.
– The star map has miserable buggy touch controls, that are really annoying. It seems to have a unlogical logic behind it, that no one understands. If you know the two year old GoF2-Original version , then this logic is no “feature”. On the map you touch a planet to select it, a second touch should mark the destination … but the marker disappears in over 90%, you’ll have to tap way over ten times until the maessage appears, that tells you that it is your destination.
Solution: You have a higher chance if you try to select the planet at the bottom left.
– Control errors with the Gyroscope after e.g.: Handy-Standby or -call, the ship will drift to the bottom left.
Solution: close the game and start it new and hope…
– …that it doesn’t crash in the intro (Blackscreen) – Solution: take out the battery, reboot
– …that you don’t have garhical bugs in the game (black boxes instead of dialogue etc.) – Solution: close the game, restart it

– the normal flight speed of your ship isn’t adjustable (only per booster/afterburner)
– sometimes mistakes in the german dialogue , e.g.: “…gefähliche…” instead of “…gefährliche…” etc.)
– occasional freezes while playing, it doesn’t matter if you are in a hangar and shopping or if you fly through space.
Solution: none – restart the game, thanks to autosave!

I hope there will be an update, which at least fixes the star map or improves the functionalities in the options menu. These problems are already in the free part of the game.
Maybe the game was developed primarily for Tegra-Tablets and not for Tegra-Smartphones?

Still, the game has a lot of positive aspects:
– bombastic graphics, where you can take a screenshot anytime when you are in space with the “Action Freeze”-Button
– good voiceovers (the storyline is completely spoken, but only in english and “Alien”, hahaha)
– german texts, with good translations if you ignore a few mistakes
– big game world and deep gameplay
– lots of ingame-Items, which results in a lot of different ship configurations and trading routes
– hidden star systems (Unlockables)

Fazit: The game is definitely worth a free download! The demo part will keep you busy for a while and then you can decide for yourself if the game is worth roughly 11€ to unlock the rest.

Testgerät: LG P990 Optimus Speed

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