Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 26 - 2010

Galcon finally arrived on Android.
Some of you know the principle of the gameplay in this iPhone port, you start with a base from which one you have to attack other fields (planets) and defend them against the enemy.
Galcon uses this game principle well and is not lacking on game modes, there are five modes to play it.

Classic: 1 vs 1 against the AI and you have to knock out the opponent.
Beast: The player has two bases, the enemy has occupied almost everything and attack in huge armies, be fast.
Vacuum: Conquer the entire board before time runs out. There is no enemy, only the time.
Stealth: 1 vs 1 against the AI, here we don’t see the enemy fleets and troop numbers on the planet.
3-Way: Everyone against everyone, two AI opponents.

You can change the difficulty level, there are 10 steps to choose from and it allows you to play online against other players, you only need to create an account on and save the data in the settings. In the multiplayer menu there are high scores, a chat, a forum, settings and of course a button to join a game.

On my HTC Desire the game runs smooth, I had no stuttering or graphical errors or crashes. Overview and introduction to the gameplay are very well presented and the tutorial under the “Help”-button will help each player.

I have played the online mode briefly and have nothing to complain about here, so Galcon is competitive in my opinion, a thoroughly enjoyable game, but with $ 2.99 it’s priced a little too high, but ultimately it’s okay, the fun-factor is very high.

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