Ghost Wars Pro

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On March - 31 - 2011

Ghost Wars Pro is once again a sleeper hit in the market that starts to gain some attention in various Android forums, so it’s time for a short review on this variation of the tower defense genre, since we are thrilled with the concept.

It’s not exactly like tower defense, there are some differences. You have your witch hut and need to protect it by sending out ghosts to fight against evil ghosts, pumpkins, skulls etc. Your homezone is the left side of the screen, the homezone of your enemy is on the right. With the icons on the left side you can adjust the height of the chimney on your house and then fire on the lower right. You can update your items, ghosts and properties between the rounds to strengthen your team, so you have a better arsenal against the computer.
On the upper left you see your maximum Mana, which slightly increases over time, so you can send more ghosts. Of course the more expensive ones are also stronger than your average ghost.

Since the game is available for free at the moment, I recommend that you just try it out and see for yourself, if it is worth your time. Of course we will have this game in our monthly survey, so we will see if more people like it besides me.

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