Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 5 - 2010

If you had told me a few days ago how boring the graphics were in games 20 years ago, especially on the Game Boy with it’s raw representation of a Super Mario, I probably would have agreed fully. However, there is the game “GrandmasterPixel”, which has opened my eyes and showed me with it’s charme day for day how much fun “raw pixels” can be, so check it out, I will never delete it, because it ensures that you keep your imagination and creativity going.

It shows particularly your painting skills, because you can only use preselected colors in a picture that will be uploaded into an “arena”, where it will be pitted against a picture of another player in a direct duel which is decided by the choice of a third player, who votes which of the two he likes more. You get new colors through positive ratings as well as by the number of uploaded images. You also can rate the artwork of others and you only have a certain number of reviews available until you vote. Once you have voted 10 pictures you can upload an image after painting again (you can draw and see it at any time and it is stored independently).

How to play:

In GrandmasterPixel you begin by creating an account with which you will play and then you start by making your first picture, at first you are only allowed to use black and white at the beginning, later you get more and more colors.

If the work is done you upload it via Menu-> submit, but before that you should give it a name.

It is one of the easiest gameplay mechanics, but it surely makes a lot fun, highly recommended and impressive. It doesn’t need to be a high-end game, if you think so this is the counterproof.

You can download GrandmasterPixel for free at the Market!

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