Greedy Pigs

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 2 - 2011

If you love Tower Defense games you should take a look at Greedy Pigs. If you are someone who can’t get enough of Guns & Glory and its loving presentation in comic style and if you likr the typical tower defense gameplay, this game will be hard to pass by. It seems this game just launched on the market, so I took this fresh piglet and put it through his paces.

First of all I’ll talk about the optic, menus and the playing fields are filled with childish writing and lush colors that already promise a good time. The presentation puts the player back to his childhood, which is very relaxing. There are two game modes available to the player, the story mode and a survival mode that you can play in 3 scenes, at first only one is available, you have to clear it to unlock the other two. High scores are online and offline available, a high score where you can measure up with friends and a 24h list, there you can compete without being a hardcore player and still come out on top, I really like this list, because many games don’t have this highscore mode. Should you own a slightly older device, you can turn off “High Quality” in the settings, then it should be playable on these devices.

When you start the game for the first time you will get a tutorial that shows you the meaning of every button on the screen. It looks a little confusing, but it should help if you play a tower defense game for the first time. At the beginning there’s only one unit available, which can be upgraded at the continue in the course. In Greedy Pigs you have to secure the barrel which you can see on the map, if this goes wrong you can repair it to get more time for killing enemies. You can move your units freely by tapping and draggingg them to another point on the map, so you stay still active and don’t have to wait while the wave goes on and see how much money you get for your defense.
In order to accelerate a wave of attacks you can tap on the double arrow at the bottom right, by tapping the “play”-button a new wave of enemies is coming towards you, with multiple taps there will be directly more. The minus or plus is the zoom and gives you a better overview over the playing field.

Greedy Pigs costs 0,99 ‚ā¨ in the market, but there is also a lite version, so everyone can test it. In terms of game size, there are 18 story-based levels and the long-term survival mode, the prize is very good.
My tip: buy it, load it, play it!

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