Guerilla Bob

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 18 - 2011

Well, what do we have here? A good co-op run and gun game on Android? It sounds a little optimistic, but Guerilla Bob has lots of little touches, that make it one of the best games that you can play together with a friend locally, a feat most modern games have dropped in favor of online multiplayer. Even in single player, Guerilla Bob is a great shooter that even works on devices with bad multitouch like the Nexus One, thanks to a auto-aim system. But let’s start at the beginning, who is Guerilla Bob?

Bob is an army soldier, that got crossed by his childhood friend John. When he lost his standing in the army, he decided to get revenge and became a rebel. When the army found John and his criminal organization, Guerilla Bob sabotaged their plan and went in first. It’s a shady story for a game that doesn’t need a better one, but Guerilla Bob is still a sympathic character.

The game is your typical run and gun top down scroller, a genre which hasn’t had a decent representative on Android yet. The goal is to get from the bottom of the screen to the top and kill everything on the way without getting killed yourself. For this goal you can upgrade your weapon arsenal with bigger and better weapons. In arcade mode you’ll find the weapons on the floor, whereas in Mercenary mode you have to buy them between the levels with the money that is dropped by the enemy soldiers. Survival mode has both variations with classic mode for pick up weapons and wave mode for the shop system.

But the best way to play it is definitely with multiplayer, you can play all three game modes with two people, that can select one of 4 different characters (Bob, Rob, Santa Bob and John Gore from Minigore if you have completed the game). If you play this game alone it is nice, but with two people it becomes a blast. You have double the firepower for the same amount of enemies, but you don’t have any lives, instead you have to crawl to your partner, who has to help you up, before you can fight again. If you both die, the game continues from the last checkpoint.

Guerilla Bob is available for 2,05‚ā¨, there is also a special Xperia Play version with optimized controls for the keypad and manual aiming. Sadly there is no demo version, but we hope our review will help you decide, if this game is worth it to you. Here is a video with some co-op gameplay, to help you with this decision:

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