Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 7 - 2010

Johan from Fundamental Development contacted me and asked for a review for the game Hexalogic, so here it is.
Hexalogic is a simple logic game, where you take turns with the AI to place Hexagons on a grid. Every Hexagon has a random value between 1 and 20 and if the value is higher then the surrounding Hexagons, you take them over. If you place it besides your own field, you raise the value of it by 1. You play until the complete grid is filled and then the player with more points is the winner.

Both players get the same amount of points, but the selection of how many points you play is random, which makes the whole game kinda random, the placement of your hexagon isn’t as important as it’s value, so it’s pure luck if you win on hard, when the AI doesn’t make as many mistakes (but maybe my strategy just sucks ;) ).
There is a global Highscore board through a service called aHighscore, it’s empty at the moment though, so I can’t say much about it, besides that it lags and doesn’t work, I cannot enter a name.

If the game had a two player mode, it would be more worthwhile, playing against the computer gets boring pretty fast. Alternative game modes, e.g. where you select which value you want to play out of a fixed total value, or having a set of hexagons with predefined values a la Scrabble could be also an interesting way to give the game a little more meat. The controls and options are good, with a little more work on the gameplay it could be a nice time waster.
The game is free in the market, so give it a spin and afterwards come back and leave feedback for the developer in the comments section below.

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