Humblebundle #2 for Android is now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On March - 20 - 2012

The folks at decided to string up a new package and this time all releases are exclusive titles that haven’t been launched on Android until now.

Sadly these are mostly old re-releases from other plattforms, that I wished for 2 years ago.
Here’s my short opinion on these games.

This classic running game is single handedly responsible for every of the 1000s of running games on Android. If you have never heard of Canabalt, you need to check it out for it’s great minimalistic pixel style, but gameplay wise the former king of the genre got usurped a long time ago by Games like Jetpack Joyride that expanded on the gameplay. Still, the music and the look and feel will keep this classic installed for a long time on my phone.

Swords & Soldiers
A attack/defense game with nice sprites. I’m sorry I can’t say more about it, but I’m sick and tired of attack/defense games, so you better find someone who enjoys this genre for a real review

Zen Bound 2
Well look what we have here, my most wanted iPhone game finally landed on Android. Zen Bound is a great game concept that used the touchscreen mechanics in a fresh way. The goal of the game is to bind objects by rotating them around, which was pretty original when it was released 3-4 years ago. Zen Bound 2 came out in March 2010 for iPhone and while I waited for this game in 2010 and 2011, I don’t care about it as much in 2012.

A nice 3D puzzle game, the PC Version was already included in earlier humblebundles. But since the “optimized” PC Version still refused to run on Windows 7 Tablets, this version is actually worth it, because you should play the game on a touchscreen.

Avadon: The Black Fortress
A nice looking isometric RPG, but sadly it only runs on tablet devices.

I am a little disappointed from the current humblebundle, which is kind of surprising, considering the quality of the bundled games. But the problem for me is that I expected most of these games to arrive on Android a long time ago and now there are so many other good games available, that the early successful iPhone games pale in comparison. They are still good games, but I doubt that they would still garner the commercial success they originally had, if they need to compete with the current games on the Android market.

Of course you should buy it anyway, the humblebundle is the fairest deal you can get on paid Android games and the available payment methods take away any excuse not to buy them. Let’s just hope that the next humblebundle will be again as good as the first one.

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    Great deal for a good cause!