Hungry MonstR

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On March - 25 - 2011

Running a ice cream stand is pretty hard work, just look at the poor italians in the summer, that are sweating in the heat while they have to feed greedy little kids and their thirsty parents. But they have at least one weapon to defend themselves, they just raise the price. ;) In Hungry MonstR you only have your finger and your attention to defend your ice cream stand. In our review you’ll get more information as well as a video that will explain the gameplay of Hungry MonstR.

The requirements for this game is that you are a fast thinker with good reflexes and you need to have at least one finger. When you grab a MonstR, which are colored in purple, pink, blue or orange, you have to throw it in the direction of a tube, that has the same color, before it can steal one of your precious Ice cream cones. Just like in a tower defense game, MonstRs will come in waves. You don’t have to just throw the MonstRs, to destroy them, there are also Bonus-items, like a Ventilator, which blows the MonstRs of a specific color away to their tube, which saves you a lot of time.

There are two gameplay modes, one mode for a quick play, where you have to survive 3 waves in 3 minutes, this mode is ideal for a quick round on the toilet or similar short time breaks. The other mode is endless mode, here you just battle your highscore and survive as long as possible. There are also 3 difficulties to keep you busy.

Based on the gameplay we have a real Monster game here, only the selection of game modes is a little sparse at the moment. But the price is really good, for just 0,72 ‚ā¨ in the market it is a real bargain. The developer Blowfish Studios Ltd. will surely deliver further updates and even if they don’t it is still one of my favorite games for March/April.

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